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Day One in Denver

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Denver…holy moly. I have been in the city for just under thirty hours now, and have probably spent about four of them sleeping.
Let’s start with the plane ride…so, I ended up sitting next to this woman who organizes political fundraising events, and she coincidentally needed volunteers. Always eager to lend a hand, I signed us up. (My buddy Mike and I…not the Mike from the previous blog – this is my buddy Mike from the Peace Corps.) Anyway, the event was something sponsored by The Kennedy School of Gov’t / the Shorenstein Center (at Harvard) and it was about politics and the media. We landed an absolute gem: Brokaw, Stephanopolous and Schieffer spent about an hour and half discussing the 2008 campaign (in front of about 300 of us) and the role of the media / politics in the 21st Century. (Seriously, it rocked.) And then Gov. Ed Rendell came in and basically went off on them about media bias, and how Hillary got shafted. Awesome stuff – Dramatic.
Personal highlight, Mike and I got a picture with Tom Brokaw (who, by the way, was superbly cool in person):

If you are interested in seeing the tremendous shmooze action which went down, check the “Photos with Famous Dudes” page on the right.
Okay…after the panel event, Mike and I cruised around the city for a few hours, guzzling Denver down into our bellies like a cold Coors:

We then ended up sneaking into the party for the delegates (there was free beer), befriending a bunch of cool people from the Missouri delegation (Seth, one of them was even from Springfield), and subsequently ran into Denis Kucinich on the street:

And tomorrow…the convention officially kicks off. Word.