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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

About 30 seconds before walking out the door and starting my journey to Denver, I received this text message on my phone:

Suspicious of being duped, I feverishly checked the New York Times website for official confirmation; and about an hour later, we got it. What a trip … ? The Obama Campaign was able to keep this a secret and let their supporters know before the major media outlets came out with it. Wild. And my two cents with this one: bravo. Barack had me with his red state / blue state speech at the 2004 Convention – he essentially has a monopoly on the whole ‘change’ message – as such, I give him high marks for making the smart move and bringing an old pro onto the team. These dudes are going to be a Diplomatic Machine.
The high from the Biden announcement slowly eroded during the first stage of my travels however. My buddy Mike (who ironically is on his way to burning man next week) offered that I crash on his sister’s futon. (She lives a lot closer to downtown than I do … ) And on most Friday nights, transportation from my place to hers is a whiz, but not so tonight. Radiohead was playing a concert in Golden Gate Park (one block from my house) and thousands of people came pouring out onto the streets the moment we left. We figured that we might as well just walk the three miles, and get some fresh air … The trouble is, my garmet bag was obscenely heavy, and we ended up taking turns with carrying that son-of-a-bitch all the way to the Lower Haight. Anyway, here’s Mike outside of the Page St. Bar, one block from his sister’s, with my monstrosity of a suitcase over his shoulder:

Oh yeah, and for all the homeys out there, below is a photo of the Radiohead concert which Mike and I enjoyed from the roof of my house: