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The Torch Passes to a New Generation of Liberals

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Convention, Day 3 – I remember listening to the Clintons express somewhat lukewarm support of Obama in the days / weeks running up to the convention. Slate called it the Clinton ‘ego-opera’ – a couple bent on derailing Obama’s campaign, plotting hillary_2012, and stealing the show at the convention. I remember Clinton talking about ‘catharsis’. (A word I would have most likely misspelled had it not been for Colbert’s ‘The Word’ … and an astutely literate tailor homey I know …) I remember Bill (not so subtly) saying that you never really know if someone is ready to be President on day one. (Unless it’s his wife you are talking about.)
The media ate it up. What a great political drama…Shakespearean.
Well, Hillary did almost everything she could do last night to show her steadfast support of Obama. Everything except…well…I heard Giuliani squawking this morning about how she didn’t say that Obama was ‘ready to lead’…or something along those lines.
Dudes, what superb political skill we saw. Bill, in no uncertain terms, said that Barack was ‘ready’ – and as such I kinda’ think that he and Hillary set this whole thing up. Right? Maybe it was all a show…a tactical move by the Clintons to lower the bar of expectations, lead us all to believe that they were not gonna play nice…had Hillary only support Obama 97%…let the Republicans highlight that tiny gap of missing support from Tuesday…only so that Bill, vintage Bill, could deliever the speech of the night. Of the convention.
Anyway, here’s a pic of hillary watching the start of the roll call (just before she walked downstairs and honorably ended it…bravo with that too):

As I said, Bill delivered probably the best speech of the convention. And the crowd devoured it:

Per Joe Biden, I was very satisfied with his speech. He did everything he needed to do…and the red signs that were passed out just before he spoke created this really cool sea of crimson (for Obama’s new attack dog):

And by the end of the night (after an Obama cameo) it became clear that all is now well under the great tent.
…But for your toiling blogger, this has been an exhausting day.
We woke up early and ran Red Rocks…

…In the scorching heat.

And I really felt it by the end.

Oh yea…If you’d like to watch some cutting edge journalism, check out the feature interviews under the yesWeCan_TV link on the right.

And yes, I got some more pics with famous dudes.